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Moving to Oregon has definitely made my husband and I realize how unfriendly we have been to the environment. For example, we realized how much plastic we are using, wasting and throwing away every day! Oregon is a very green state that is super environmentally friendly. Oregon even has specific laws against single use plastic straws and plastic bags. This really motivated us to start thinking about how we can reduce the amount of plastic we are using in other ways and buy products that are better for the environment.

Who Gives A Crap Products

In doing so, we came across Who Gives A Crap. No, I don’t mean who gives a crap about what we came across. I mean the product name is actually Who Gives A Crap. They are an organization based out of Australia that makes paper products like toilet paper, paper towels and tissue paper from something other than paper! They actually use a mixture of bamboo and sugar cane for their products. Another thing that is cool about them is their paper products have no inks, dyes or scents.

Also, 50% of their profits gets donated to organizations that help build toilets and improve sanitation in developing countries. They do this because over 2.3 billion people across the world don’t have access to a toilet. This is something so simple that we take for granted, but roughly 40% of the global population don’t have one. In addition, around 289,000 children under five die every year from diseases caused by poor water and sanitation. That’s heartbreaking! 

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Knowing that we could eliminate the crazy amount of plastic wrap the comes with toilet paper, reduce the amount of trees that are cut down to make toilet paper, and support this awesome cause – we decided to try it! We bought a pack of toilet paper, paper towels and tissue boxes so we could try everything they have to offer. 

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About The Paper Products

Their premium toilet paper is 3 ply and very soft. It’s made from 100% forest friendly bamboo and comes wrapped in 100% recycled paper (not plastic). Also, they come in packs of 48 rolls and have 400 sheets per roll.

Their paper towels are 2 ply and also very soft. It’s also made from 100% forest friendly bamboo and comes wrapped in recycled paper. Also, the sheets are double length which is really nice and they come in packs of 6.

Lastly, their tissue boxes are 3 ply and strong enough to handle the toughest nose blower. They come in packs of 12.

Now I know what you’re probably thinking: How is this better for the environment? Is bamboo safe for my toilet/plumbing? Is it a lot more expensive than regular toilet paper? Well lucky for you, I have all the answers for you already!

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How is this better for the environment?

Before we talk about why bamboo paper would be better for the environment, it’s important to understand how our current method for creating toilet paper harms the environment. In order to made standard toiler paper, millions of trees need to be cut down – and unfortunately we are consuming paper made from trees much faster than we can produce it. It takes year and years for trees to grow back and tons of water. In addition, heavy machinery is required to cut down trees – which means the use of fuel and therefore increased emissions.

Bamboo on the other hand grows extremely quickly and requires far less water to grow. When you cut down bamboo, it immediately start regrowing – whereas after a tree is cut down it has to be completely removed and re-planted in order to regrow. It’s also a lot easier to cut down bamboo, meaning heavy machinery is not required to do so. Switching to a bamboo alternative means you’re helping cut down on deforestation and you’ll notice that bamboo products typically don’t come wrapped in plastic. 

Is bamboo safe for my toilet/plumbing?

Yes! Bamboo tissue paper is 100% biodegradable that breaks down fully. Also – it’s stronger and softer than traditional toilet paper. 

Is it a lot more expensive than regular toilet paper?

Actually, no! We used to buy Costco brand toilet paper and it was $19.99 for a pack of 30 rolls of 2-ply toilet paper with 425 sheets per roll. Who Gives A Crap is $52.00 for a pack of 48 rolls of 3-ply toilet paper with 400 sheets per roll. On face value it seems more expensive, but if you break down the cost per sheet per ply for each – the Costco brand toilet paper is $0.00078 per sheet per ply and the Who Gives A Crap brand is $0.0009 per sheet per ply. Therefore it’s only about $0.00012 difference which ends up only being a few dollars extra overall. I think that small cost difference is worth it considering how much better to the environment it is and how it reduces the plastic wrap that most conventional toilet paper options have.

You can check out our video unboxing and review of Who Gives A Crap here: https://youtu.be/HTr12l7R_Sk

If you’re interested in trying it yourself you can go to https://www.talkable.com/x/iBNqvZ and get $10 off your order of $48 or more. If you use my link, I’ll also get $10 off my next order (let’s help each other be frugal and save money!). 




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  1. Hannah

    I wonder if their TP is biodegradable enough to be used in an RV black tank? Hmmm….

    1. Mrs. Frugal

      I think so. I have heard others using it for that. You could always email them and ask.

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