Setting Up A Chores Schedule That Works

After the new year, my husband and I decided that we wanted to enjoy our weekends together. It was really important for us to go out and do something fun and exciting with our time off. However, our weekends were already busy due to us always scrambling to get all of our chores done. We couldn’t see how we would ever have any spare time to do things that we enjoyed. That’s when I started to do some research on how we could organize our lives better. We wanted to maximize our time during the week, to allow for some more free time on the weekend. I stumbled across this concept of scheduling out your chores and thought I would give it a try. 

Create A List

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Before you can schedule out your chores, you first need to create a list of all the chores or activities that you typically have to get done on the weekend. For us, it was things like:

  • Laundry
  • Dishes
  • Vacuuming and Mopping the Floors
  • Changing the bed sheets
  • Dusting
  • Wiping down windows
  • Cleaning the bathrooms
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Budgeting
  • Take Dogs to the Dog Park

What Can Wait?

Once we had that list, we were able to determine what items HAD to wait until the weekend and which we could try to schedule during the week. We determined that the only items that we really HAD to do during the weekends was taking the dogs to the dog park, grocery shopping, and budgeting. The reason for that is both my husband and I work during the week. Therefore, the only time we are both available to take our dogs to the dog park together is on the weekend. Also, we have to do our weekly grocery shopping and budgeting on the weekend because we get paid on Fridays. As a result, I usually review our budget and pay our bills on the weekend. 

Set Up A Schedule

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The next thing we had to do was determine how long it would take to complete each task. By doing that we could determine what days during the week we had enough time to schedule them for. For example, changing the bed sheets takes under 10 minutes, but Vacuuming and Mopping the Floors can take 30 minutes to an hour (depending on how much dog hair is everywhere).

We then used the reminders app on our iPhones to set reminders for when and what time we were going to do the chores each day. My husband and I both work from 8am to 5pm during the week and so we set the reminder to go off at 6:00 pm. This way we allowed for travel time to get home from work and get settled in before jumping right into doing the chores for that evening. 

Assign Chores

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Once we determined what chores we needed to do, how long each chore would take to complete, and when would be the best day during the week to do it – we determined how we would split the work. For example, my husband HATES having to the do the laundry. I HATE having to do the dishes. We were able to split up the chores based on what each of us prefer doing and based on who had the availability to complete the chore on that day. My husband does the dishes twice a week and I do the laundry twice a week. 

This has been working out really well for us – but there have definitely been a few nights where I simply didn’t feel like doing the chores set for that night. In some circumstances, my husband would lovingly pick up the slack for me. In return, I would do the same for him on days where he just wasn’t feeling it. Other times, it was just a really tough day for both of us and neither of us felt like doing anything. THAT’S OKAY. Setting a schedule and using the reminders app helps you stay on track, but we know things happen. You can miss a day and carry it over into the next day.

For example, if we didn’t feel like doing the dishes tonight we wouldn’t have to. However, that meant that the next day we would have two chores to do in one night instead of just one. You do want to be careful about letting things roll over to the next day though. Before you know it you’ll be back to where you started with putting off all the chores to the weekend.

Overall, my advise is try to stick to the schedule as much as possible. It’s okay if you have a bad day every now and then and don’t want to do the chore for that day. In this case, just be sure to pick up the slack tomorrow and not let things get out of hand. This makes for a clean and organized house, and a relaxed family on the weekends.

Check out our YouTube video with more information about Scheduling Chores and how it has been working of us at:


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  1. Amanda

    I love the idea of assigning the chores! My husband and I followed a similar process of scheduling our household chores, and it has worked okay for us. I think assigning who is going to do each thing would help a lot!

    1. Mrs. Frugal

      Yes. We didn’t assign who was doing what at first and it got confusing, so I definitely recommend doing that.

  2. Nichole Pauson

    Love this! It makes thing so much easier to accomplish when you set up a plan and communicate it. Great ideas!

  3. Stephanie

    I found an app that I adore to use, and you can assign different chores to different people! I am usually not one to use apps so much, but after many trial and errors of other apps, I have finally found it. It is called Tody!

    1. Mrs. Frugal

      Very interesting! I’ll have to check it out.

  4. Jennifer

    Thanks for the ideas. I need to be better at making a chores list!

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