How to Save Money on Your Phone Bill with Visible

Have you ever heard of a phone service called Visible? Me neither! Not until I started doing research on how I could cut my expenses. One of the first things you should do when you make the decision to lead a more frugal lifestyle is take a look at your expenses. After reviewing, consider all the things you can do to reduce those expenses. When we started going through our finances, we did a lot of research to try and see how we could save money on recurring bills like our car insurance, phone bill, electric bill, and many others. For many of our bills, there was not much we could do to cut costs. However, we got lucky and found a way to save a significant amount of money on our phone bill.

Considering Other Options

For years, my husband and I had used Verizon as our phone service provider. We loved their customer service, the phone service itself was always reliable, and many of our family was also using Verizon at the time. Our monthly phone bill was about $120 for just two phone lines – and our plan was NOT UNLIMITED. We thought it would be a good idea to do some research and see what other options there might be and consider switching our phone service to something a little cheaper.


After doing some research, my husband stumbled across a phone service company called Visible. What’s really interesting about Visible is that it is actually on the same 4G LTE network as Verizon. This impressed us because one thing we loved about Verizon was the reliable service no matter where we went. The kicker here is that it costs only $40 per line and comes with UNLIMITED calls, texts, and data. Here’s the kicker: Visible introduced something new called Party Pay (I’ll talk more about that later) and now we only pay $25 a month. $25! Literally only $25. No taxes, fees, or start-up cost. Just $25 a month. Sound too good to be true? We thought so too.We were very skeptical and wondered “What’s the catch?”. However, we figured – what do we have to lose by just trying it? There were no contracts, no start-up or cancellation fees so if we didn’t like it we could always just switch back to Verizon. We’ve been using it for a while now and here are the pros and cons of Visible:


  1. One reason we decided to join Visible was because at the time we joined they were running a special where you would get a $50 Amazon gift card for EACH sign up. We love buying stuff on amazon so we thought it was would be a nice added bonus even if we ended up not liking the service. To our surprise, we ended up getting a $200 Amazon gift card EACH. No lie. Seriously. See the email we got below. We have never activated our phones so fast in our entire lives!

2. We literally can’t tell the difference between Visible and Verizon (what we had before). It was a seamless transition and not a day has passed where we have regretted our decision to switch. We have the same great service just at a way cheaper price.

3. We get surprise gifts from Visible! Since when does a phone service company send you gifts “just because”? Well, Visible does and they are pretty sweet. When the Captain Marvel Movie came out they sent us each a popcorn and candy gift box in the mail and a $5 AMC eGift card to go see the movie. We also got a cute little birthday pin in celebration of Visible’s one (1) year anniversary.


  1. One of the main things people complained about with using Visible was that its data speed was capped at only 5 Mbsp. If you’re not sure how fast that is, consider that most phone carriers have data speeds of about 26 Mbsp. While that might seem like a significant difference, I honestly cannot tell the difference whatsoever. I am always on the internet, watching youtube videos, and messing around on social media with my phone and I honestly do not feel like things load any slower than these did before when I had Verizon. UPDATE: Visible has since lifted this data speed cap and so there is literally NO difference between their data speed and other carriers!
  2. Visible is what is known as a digital only wireless carrier, which means you have do everything ‘digitally’ on the computer or in the phone app. They do not have a number you can call or customer service agents for you to talk to 24/7. By not providing these services that most other phone carriers do, is one way Visible is able to keep their costs so low. They do have an online chat feature through the app for support that I have used a couple of times. It was quick and easy and I actually think it’s easier than having to wait in a phone queue just to get a simple answer. But if you’re someone who wants that more personal touch of being able to talk to someone, you won’t get that with Visible.

What’s Party Pay?

As I mentioned above, Visible typically costs $40 a month for a single line. However, if you have multiple lines to add – you can save an extra $5 per line for each person in your “party” up to a max of 4 which would get your monthly payment down to $25 per line. Well, my husband and I are only two people and didn’t think we could take advantage of this full discount to get our payment down to $25 a month. Luckily, there is a Facebook group dedicated to people who have single lines who want to get their monthly payment down to $25 per month too. Therefore, someone will create a party and share their party link to get others to join in. Each person has their own separate Visible account and pays separately. This allows each person to take advantage of the discount. What’s great about this is there is no sharing of person information. You don’t see each other’s full names or full phone numbers. My husband and I are in a party right now with two complete strangers, but we don’t mind because we are getting those sweet savings!


All in all, we are extremely satisfied with making the switch to Visible. We have been with Visible since 12/31/18 and have saved hundreds of dollars by switching. We have encouraged our friends and family to switch and many of them have and are also extremely satisfied.

They are also running a special right now where you can get up to a $100 prepaid MasterCard Virtual Account (kind of like an online gift card, you can use it for various internet purchases) just for signing up, and up to $200 if you are signing up and also purchasing a phone through them. Take advantage of this great offer! Now is the time to switch and save!

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    Whaaaaat!!! This is better than verizon! I had no idea!!

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      I know! When we discovered it we were so excited! It really is awesome!

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