How to Make a Low Carb Diet Cheaper

As I’ve mentioned in many of my previous posts, my husband and I are on the keto diet. If you’re not sure what the keto diet is and how it works, check out my post A Diet That Saves You Money. We have been on it for over 10 months and have lost a ton of weight and feel great! The biggest misconception about this diet is that it’s too expensive. That is definitely not the case and I’ve talked about that a little bit in the post I liked to above. In this post, I want to de-bunk some of those myths and provide some insight on ways you can make this diet even cheaper.

Keep it Simple

Part of where the misconception of the keto diet being expensive comes from, is the 1000+ keto recipes that are out there with all kinds of weird ingredients. I once looked up a recipes for keto chocolate chip cookies and found a recipe that had 15 different ingredients in it! FIFTEEN! That is insane! Some of the ingredients I couldn’t even pronounce and had never heard of.

When going on the keto diet, keep your meals simple. You don’t have to try these fancy recipes and buy a ton of different ingredients for them. For example, tonight we ate pork chops and brussels sprouts for dinner. We just put a little salt and pepper on both and coated the veggies with some butter and it was delicious! Nothing complicated about it and no weird “keto” ingredients. When we want something sweet, I do have some great dessert recipes like this delicious Berry Trifle with only 7 ingredients, many of which I’m sure you already have at home!

Buy in Bulk

When you’re on the keto diet it is so important to buy in bulk. My husband and I put our Costco membership to good use and buy our Top Keto Must Haves from there whenever possible. We can get frozen meat, veggies and cheeses there for so much cheaper than at our local grocery store! Costco even sells almond flour in bulk which is great for us because we go through it so quickly on our diet. If you don’t have a Costco in your area, check out other bulk stores like Sam’s Club or BJ’s and see what deals you can find!

Buy in Season

Don’t buy the same vegetables all the time! Buy what’s in season. If you’re not sure what’s in season right now, check out the USDA’s website where they have a Seasonal Produce Guide. Fruits and vegetables at the grocery store can be really expensive when they’re not in season because they are usually in low supply, but demand for it remains fairly consistent. Therefore, you should buy what’s in season because there will be plenty of supply, but again – demand will be the same. Therefore, the store will want to try to sell more of it and offer lots of sales and deals to do so. The best part is you can buy produce when it’s in season and freeze it to use year round!

Make Your Own

Another reason people think the keto diet is expensive is because of the many “keto” packaged items sold in stores that are really expensive. For example, there are packaged keto cookies, protein bars, and candies. You name it and someone has created a pre-packaged keto alternative for it. Unfortunately, they all come with a pretty big price tag. If you want keto cookies or protein bars, just make your own. There are tons of recipes on Pinterest you can find on how to make your own. I promise you it will be much cheaper than paying $20 for a “keto protein bar”. Also, these pre-packaged items are usually not very good. Trust me, when I first started the keto diet I feel into this trap and bought some. Many of them were DISGUSTING. Unfortunately, you have to pay the astronomical price first in order to find out it’s gross.

Many people like to make excuses as to why they can’t try to the keto diet. Well saying “I can’t afford it” can no longer be used as an excuse. As I’ve explained in this post, it’s simply not true. There are so many things you can do to save money when trying this diet! There are also so many reasons why being on this diet can actually be cheaper than the diet you’re on today. Going on the keto diet has proved to be the best decision of our lives. We only wish we knew about it sooner. Let us know if you have any ideas of your own on how you can save even more money on a low carb or keto diet.

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  1. Karen Moore

    I was hoping for some more detailed ideas. Links to those recipes, or maybe cost cutting ideas besides Costco and make your own cookies. My guy and I just had the “Keto is costing us too much” conversation 2 days ago.

    1. Mrs. Frugal

      Hi Karen! Thanks for your feedback. I will go through my post and see if there are any areas where I might be able to add more detail for you. In terms of recipes, as I mentioned in my post – we tend to keep it simple and don’t use very many recipes because they tend to have a bunch of ingredients in them that we don’t want to buy. The cost of those extra ingredients can quickly add up. If you would like to email me at and let me know what kinds of recipes/foods you like – I can share with you what we eat and what simple recipes I might have for you.

  2. Jennifer Reeves

    I found this helpful, THANKS!

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