Frugal Father’s Day Gift Ideas

I think fathers are the hardest to get gifts for. You never know what they want and when you ask, they never give a clear answer. Or worse, they tell you to they “don’t need anything” and to just “save your money”. While we definitely want to listen to Dad and save our money, we all know that getting him nothing is not an option. So what should we get him? In this post I’m going to share with you some great ideas for a Frugal Father’s Day.

In the past I have always got my dad a bottle of cologne, a gift card, or box of chocolates for father’s day. But there’s nothing unique or special about any of that. That’s why for this father’s day I need something special, unique, and from the heart.

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I scoured the internet for some great DIY ideas of gifts for Dad and found the following ones that I really liked and decided to do for my dad:

  • Candy Card
    • White poster board, permanent marker, tape, and candy
Candy Card
  • DIY Photo Coasters
    • Coasters, photos, decorative tape, and mod podge
DIY Coasters
  • Photo Frame
    • Photo frame, picture
Father's Day Photo Frame

For those that are not the DIY type, her are some other frugal friendly Father’s Day gifts, all under $12:

This adorable engraved wallet card to show Dad you’re still his little girl.
This hilarious mug to give your dad a good laugh on his special day.
This little book to tell dad exactly what you love about him.
Every dad loves cologne! It’s a great last resort option. Get him this great smelling one so he can look and smell his best.

It’s not the price tag that matters, it’s the thought that counts. So give Dad something thoughtful this father’s day to show him you really care.

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