9 Frugal Friendly Ways to Get Through Quarantine

It’s been 84 years since we entered quarantine….

It definitely feels that way sometimes….but in all seriousness we’ve been in quarantine for MONTHS! I can’t even believe that we’ve been stuck at home since March! Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we’ll be going anywhere any time soon. If you’re like most Americans, you’ve probably been sleeping in, watching too much T.V. and gobbling down whatever junk food you can find. I know I definitely have been guilty of this. I have fallen victim to what they’re calling “The Quarantine Fifteen”, except for me it’s more like the quarantine thirty…

Since it looks like there’s no end in sight, we’re just going to have to make the best of it. That’s why I started getting creative! I have been finding fun and productive things to do while being stuck at home! Check out these 9 ways you can get through quarantine with going crazy, and without spending a ton of money:

1. Plan a Staycation

Don’t you miss planning a vacation? Not only is it fun to figure out where you want to go, but it’s fun planning out all the activities you’ll do while you’re there! Given the current COVID-19 situation, it’s pretty risky to plan a vacation or travel anywhere. Although the prices are low right now and it might seem tempting, don’t risk it. However, I truly miss the fun of planning something and then looking forward to it and getting excited about it until the day comes. That’s why I decided to plan a “staycation” instead.

We planned a weekend at home and discussed all the things we wanted to do that weekend, that we don’t typically do on a day to day basis. I wanted to do things like have a movie marathon, play monopoly, bake cookies, and even build a fort in our living room. We then made sure we had everything we needed for this. Some examples include popcorn, snacks, the ingredients for the cookies, and enough pillows and blankets to build the best fort ever! I know it sounds silly but it was so fun and we had something to look forward to again. 

2. Do an At-Home Spa Day

With nail salons and spas closed, you can still pamper yourself at home. I posted a YouTube video recently about how I treated myself to an at-home spa day for under $10! With a bath bomb and face mask from whole foods, I had a nice relaxing evening at home. I got to relax in the tub with a rose bath bomb while snacking on some fruit and watching re-runs of “One Tree Hill” on Hulu. I then finished the night off with a face mask while I rested my eyes for a few minutes and listened to some relaxing music. If you’re married like me, you might even be able to convince your significant other to give you a little back massage as well. Who needs to spend money at a salon or spa when you can do all of those things at home 

3. Do Something Good for Others

Being stuck at home for all this time can leave you feeling helpless and alone. There were so many times where not only was I bored, but I wished there was something I could do to help others during this difficult time. That’s why I started looking for ways I could make a difference from home. One thing you can do it check out https://www.volunteermatch.org/covid19 for local volunteer from home opportunities in your area. Here are also some great ways you can help make a difference in your community:

4. Tackle Those Home Project You’ve Been Putting Off

You’ve talked about painting your kitchen cabinets forever! What about cleaning off that bookshelf full of junk? There are tons of stuff to do around that house that you have been putting off. You’ve been making excuses and saying you never have the time to do it. Well, since you can’t make weekend plans anymore it’s time to tackle those projects! I recently cleaned out and reorganized my make-up after putting it off constantly. It felt good to finally tackle it and get it off my to do list. I felt so accomplished when I was done. Once you do it you’ll wonder why you put it off for so long in there first place! 

5. Learn Some New Recipes

I love Pinterest! One of my favorite things to do on Pinterest is look for new and delicious recipes to try. I have an entire Pinterest Board full of recipes that look and sound delicious, but that I’ve never had the chance to try and make myself. While in quarantine my husband and I have been cooking more. Now is as good a time as any to try out some new recipes. I’ve tried making some cool recipes on Pinterest like the following:

6. Plan a Virtual Game Night

One of my favorite things to do pre-covid-19 was to have game nights with my friends. We’d all go over to a friends place, order pizza, and play fun games like Cards Against Humanity or Clue! Just because we can’t be within 6 feet of each other doesn’t meant the game night has to stop! Now, we get together on Zoom once a week and play online games like Pictionary using https://skribbl.io and Cards Against Humanity using this online alternative called https://allbad.cards. It’s been a lot of fun and I can honestly say it feels just like old times!

7. Connect with Friends and Family

During this time where we are all separated from friends and family, it’s important to call and check in every now and then. If you’re feeling lonely and isolated imagine how your friends and family must be feeling. Everyone is handling quarantine differently but studies show that staying connected with others during this time will help improve your mood and reduce stress. I have a reminder on my phone to call a family member twice a week. It doesn’t have to be a long conversation, but making a quick call to check in with someone can make a big difference to them. So make time to call and connect with others.

8. Take up a New Hobby

Have you always wanted to take up photography? How about starting a blog? We all have things we’ve always wanted to do but could never find the time for. Now is a great time to learn a new hobby or learn and grow in a hobby you already have. Although I started my blog a while ago, there are so many things I’ve always wanted to do to expand it. I’ve taken this extra time and dedicated it to making improvements to my blog so I can offer more valuable content to my readers. Take this opportunity to try something new or grow yourself in a way you haven’t had an opportunity to before.

9. Learn a New Skill

I have always wanted to get better at public speaking or learn a new language. I knew having these skills would make me more marketable in the workforce and allow me to perform better in my current job role. However, I never made time to learn these new skills. Between working full time, growing my blog, household chores, and trying to still have a social life – it never seemed to be a priority.

Being in quarantine and working from home more, my work life and home life have blurred together and I’m finding that I have more of a desire to grow my skills than ever before. It now seems like more of a priority and I’m setting aside time each day to watch videos and read articles that are helping me improve my skills. I’ve been using apps like Duolingo to learn Spanish and watching YouTube videos on how to be an effective public speaker. There are so many great tools out there to help you grow your skills and now is great time to do it!

As you can see, there are so many different things you can do while in quarantine that will not only keep you sane, but are frugal friendly as well. All of the ideas listed above cost little to nothing to do. But can make a big difference on your quarantine experience. You won’t go stir crazy if you find things to do and ways to do them that don’t cost much. It’s a stressful time for everyone. As a result, it can be hard to think of things that will get you through this difficult time.

That’s why I tried to do all the thinking for you! That way I can provide you with viable options of ways to spend your time in quarantine. I hope you found this helpful and will continue to make good use of your time at home. Do these things and you just might look back on your quarantine time fondly, instead of looking back at it as at a time where you were bored and stuck at home. Do you have any other ideas on frugal friendly things to do in quarantine? Contact me and tell me about it! I’d love to add to this list. 

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