5 Ways to Cut Costs on Your Pet Expenses

I am a HUGE pet lover! I have two dogs, two cats, and two fish. I would have a bunch more  pets if I could but my house and my wallet can’t fit anymore. As much as we love our pets, let’s be honest – they are expensive! When you look into their adorable little eyes, how can you deny them that new toy or their favorite treat! And don’t ever get me started on vet bills! You take them  to the vet once a year for their annual physical and vaccinations and get a bill of over $200. Then there’s food, collars, grooming, leashes, bowls, doggie bags, etc. The list can go on and on indefinitely. So how can we cut costs but still keep our furry friends happy? Here are just a few tricks I’ve learned so far on how to save money on pet expenses:

1. Don’t Pay a Groomer

I used to spend at least $80 each dog to get them groomed. Although they look nice and pretty for a day, they get dirty and gross again within a week and it’s just not worth it! So, we’ve started bathing our dogs at home in the shower. It really doesn’t take that long and lucky for me my dogs don’t mind it too much! If you can’t easily bath them inside – take them outside and hose them off on your driveway or a side walk. That will be enough to get any dirt off.

2. Buy Pet Medication Online

Our vet used to charge us about $120 for a 6 month supply of flea, tick, and heart worm preventative medication for our dogs. Now we spend only $83 for a 6 month supply by ordering it on chewy.com. We have also got some nice dog toys for a steal on there too!

3. Don’t buy fancy dog toys

We all love our pets and only want the best for them, so sometimes we opt to buy the really expensive toys. But let’s be honest – they are going to tear any toy up in two seconds flat anyways so don’t spend the extra money to get the ‘cuter’ one or the one with the ‘invincible squeaker’. I promise you – that squeaker is NOT invincible.

4. Buy good food

Now this is the one area where I will encourage you not to buy the cheapest food you can. The food that we feed our animals have a direct impact on their overall health and well-being. Saving a few dollars buying cheaper food will cost you in vet bills in the long run. I used Life’s Abundance food for my dogs and cats. They love it, but it is definitely on the more expensive side. I have heard good things about Science Diet, Ultra, and Merricks – but I recommend talking to your vet about what some good options might be for your dog and/or cat.

5. Don’t buy treats

You probably think I’m crazy for saying this – but DON’T DO IT! Dog treats are so expensive and there are so many human food alternatives you can give them that are cheaper and actually better for them. Dogs can have green beans, bananas, peanut butter, carrots, cheese, and even popcorn! Personally, our dogs LOVE carrots! We can get a large bag of baby carrots from the grocery store for less than $5. Also, sometimes we take chicken stock and put it in a ice cube tray and freeze it. That way we can give them a little frozen treat for when it’s hot out. Since we live in Florida, it’s always hot out!

Doing these 5 little things have amounted to saving us A LOT of money. At first, I felt guilty but now i can’t even imagine going back to spending all that extra money for nothing. This way we can enjoy our pets and keep them happy and healthy, while keeping our wallets happy and healthy too.

Check out our YouTube video that talks more about these great ways to save money on your pet expenses at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJRutXzMBaA&t=7s.

Mrs. Frugal

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  1. Tracy Spalich

    I agree you can have alternative ways to save. Like to see you addressing pet lovers.

    1. Mrs. Frugal

      Pets are like kids, and we all know kids can be expensive – but there are always plenty of ways to try and save when you can!

  2. Jennifer Reeves

    Agree!!!! I love your blog. For treats we buy Beneful dog food the moist and use those for treats. For $6 we have hundreds of treats and they are packaged in 1 cup pouches. We also got a dehydrator. My dog trainer suggested that we dehydrate cut up hot dogs as treats. We haven’t been to a groomer either. Do you ever give them a haircut? If so, how did you learn? I just wanted to do the sanitary cut. I think that’s the paws and cleaning up the rear. All great tips for sure, thank you!

    1. Mrs. Frugal

      Yes, I have cut their paws and sanitary areas before. We usually do it in the bath tub while the hair is still wet so that we can flatten the hair and it stands straight up because it’s wet. It takes two of us because one of us have to hold them down.

  3. Irene

    My dogs have been spoiled by expensive treats so I am trying to get them to like carrots by dipping the carrots in peanut butter. Thanks for the excellent advice.

    1. Mrs. Frugal

      Glad you enjoyed our post! Some dogs will definitely find it hard to switch to carrots if they are used to having certain treats all the time. Dipping them in peanut butter is a great idea to try and get them used it!

  4. Okay, never in my life have I thought about feeding my dogs bananas or frozen stock! That’s very creative!

    1. Mrs. Frugal

      Thank you! Yes, my dogs love them all! I save so much money and don’t have to go to any special pet food stores!

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